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Why Seamless Mobility


An image is worth a thousand words

In a world where customer knowledge is key, having access to mobility behavior data is a game changer. By using anonymising algorithms and having the highest privacy standards, we ensure that the privacy of your customers isn't compromised. MotionTag provides you with a high-resolution image of how, when and where people travel. Moreover, this is done completely automatically and in almost real time.


State-of-the-art smartphone ticketing

Jump in the smart mobility era by providing your customers with a seamless traveling experience that fits new consumption cultures. Flexible tickets and tariffs zones are made easy with the only help of a smartphone and MotionTag's ticketing solution. Not only do you provide a better user experience, but you also do it at a low cost without the need to implement any additional hardware.


Smart transportation at your fingertips

Imagination is the limit. Leverage data analytics and real-time passenger information to provide Mobility-as-a-Service and demand-driven transportation. MotionTag's seamless mobility solutions deliver actionable knowledge that will enable you to deliver the best mobility experience to your users.


Mobility Analytics


Learn how people actually travel with precision and improve your product with only the help of our technology.

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Seamless Ticketing


Bring a new experience to your users, while offering them a flexible ticket at a fraction of its normal cost.

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Meet MotionTag

Story and Team

MotionTag was co-founded in October 2015 by our CEO Stephan Leppler and CTO Florian Stock. The initial idea was to create an intelligent location analytics tool for infrastructure providers. The clients could learn from the mobility of their users while we could improve our technology. But why stop here when this could improve the lives of millions? We have used the acquired learnings to develop our vision: creating a seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing solution.



Traveling should be seamless and should not be stressful as it can be nowadays. We are currently piloting our ticketing solution that will enable public transport to compete in the future with new mobility offerings. We think the future of transportation lies in easy traveling, achieved by seamlessly combining different transport modes.

Seamless Ticketing


Our technology is our core business. Through advanced smartphone sensor analytics and machine learning, we can identify how, when and where a user is traveling. Not only can we differentiate between up to 10 different transport modes, but this is done automatically and can be analyzed in near real-time.

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Privacy is key and we know it. This is why we have the strongest data protection and encryption systems in order to ensure the highest security.

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