About Us


Mobility experts and enthusiasts

We benefit from our team’s diverse talent in the transportation and development field and are supported by experts from the transportation industry.

Data lovers and

We are passionate about technological innovation and driven by its fast-paced development while curing the mobility chaos.

One international

Our team consists of passionate people that come from diverse countries and bring new perspectives to our work environment.

Our mission is to describe and understand real-world mobility through data-driven services.

We firmly believe that a sustainable future for cities lies in building smarter mobility.

MOTIONTAG is the first software capable of generating detailed, real-time data on how individuals travel around cities – no matter how many modes of transport they use. Our line-specific, time-specific data allows transport companies to evolve services that are convenient, flexible, sustainable and efficient.

We are leaders in the mobility field

Founded in 2015, MOTIONTAG has become an established pioneer in mobility analytics on an European level.

Our product is already on the streets and incorporated by some of the biggest mobility players in the field, such as Deutsche Bahn, Berlin’s transport operator BVG, the Swiss National Railways but also with cities, market research institutes, TELCOs or OEMs.

We have set ourself the goal of using our generated data solely for creating added value for the entire mobility market and this way improving the lives of millions.


October 1, 2018

Start of the pilot project "BVG-Motion"

October 1, 2018

Winner of Bramdenburg in the startup contest. "KfW Award Gründen 2018"

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