Changers, Wells for Zoë and MOTIONTAG encourage green mobility with “Münster bewegt” app

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Potsdam, Germany – March 11, 2021

According to the EU Commission, motor vehicles cause 40% of all CO2 emissions. With almost 77% of urban residents in Germany, encouraging individuals to commute sustainably is a significant contribution to the environment. However, the challenge so far has been to find a way to address multiple drivers of transport change at once: incentivizing commuters to use greener modes of transportation, measuring behavior change as effortlessly as possible, and rewarding carbon footprint reduction.

On October 12, 2020, the “Münster bewegt” app was launched for Münster residents to solve all the challenges at once. How? By simply combining Changers’ revolutionary approach to stimulating green mobility, Wells for Zoë’s actions to improve living standards and the environment in Malawi, and MOTIONTAG’s mobility analytics solution, we created the “Münster bewegt” app.


How does it work?

The app automatically detects 10 modes of transport and grants the user the corresponding number of climate points, which can later be exchanged for discounts or goods from local businesses. Besides, Wells for Zoë continuously plants trees and builds wells in Malawi as part of the project.


To date, the app has been downloaded around 3,500 times, and with our combined efforts we have been able to prevent 127,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, plant 4,000 trees, and build 4 wells in Malawi!


Beyond the environmental effect, “Münster bewegt” also brought numerous benefits to the local businesses in Münster. The app has enabled local companies to encourage their employees to travel more sustainably. In this way, the companies position themselves as active participants in the fight against air pollution. Moreover, thanks to this solution, employees of different enterprises can even compete for leadership in green mobility. These environmental efforts are measurable thanks to MOTIONTAG’s analytical technology, so they can be monitored over time and disclosed in CSR reports. 

The app also successfully fulfils its role for local small and medium-sized enterprises. It has succeeded in involving 44 businesses in Muenster that offer discounts on their products and goods in exchange for points. Owners of local cafes, producers and retailers, all are part of our ongoing efforts towards sustainability. Their participation in “Münster bewegt” not only brought them additional recognition from the existing customers but also generated new clients, who became aware of them through our app.




MOTIONTAG is a company dedicated to providing a single data source software regarding transportation content as a Software Development KIT (SDK) that identifies all modes of transportation across all mobility providers. By helping mobility service providers to aggregate their masses of users into useful information, MOTIONTAG enables services for seamless, intermodal mobility experiences.

About Changers:

Changers CO2 fit App motivates in playful competitions to switch from car to bike, walk more often, use public transit and take part in healthy and climate friendly activities. The app tracks the participation, calculates the CO2 balance and rewards eco-friendly behavior with a CO2 token, which you can redeem for tree plantings, donations or vouchers from your employer, city administration or merchants.

About Wells for Zoë:

Wells for Zoë is a small, personal, Irish, voluntary organization, working in Northern Malawi since 2005. Their main focus is enabling the rural poor to access clean, safe drinking water, and over 500,000 people have clean water as a result.


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