Need information about mobility patterns of users including precise data about transport modes used? Want an application with minimal battery consumption? Have a look at our Analytics SDK.

Our Analytics SDK allows to embed the MOTIONTAG functionalities into any application. Choosing our SDK frees you from having to maintain data collection and allows you to focus on building a great app.

Easily incorporate mobility analytics and mode detection into your existing apps.


Mode detection

Automatic recognition of ten transport modes.

Locations visited

Flagged repeat locations like home, work, leisure and shopping locations

Low battery consumption

Precise data without draining the battery of your users‘ device

Departure and arrival detection

Engage with users right after they arrive or depart from the location of your choice


Request an account to access the back-end system of the SDK by contacting us at.

With your back-end system account you get access to a dashboard with various options to manage your users’ data, including an API to synchronize the data with your own back-end infrastructure.