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MOTIONTAG provides a single data source for all modes of transportation across all mobility providers. By helping mobility service providers to aggregate their masses of users into useful information, MOTIONTAG enables services for seamless, intermodal mobility experiences, ensuring easy access, smooth travel and overall customer satisfaction.

Use Cases

MotionTag Mobility analytics dashboard

Enhance your transport service with MOTIONTAG Analytics

Our technology enables you to learn how your customers use transport tickets and combine different transport modes. Leverage your new understanding of mobility patterns to enhance your service offerings and develop offers based on demand and needs. Our solution replaces traditional market survey and equips you with the necessary insights to optimize planning, traffic management and monitoring.

Smartphone with screenshot of MotionTag Ticketing

Improve your customer experience with MOTIONTAG Ticketing

Bring seamless mobility to your customers with the help of MOTIONTAG's ticketing solution. With our app "TicketEasy" check-in is simple and passengers are automatically checked-out at the end of their journey without need for any infrastructure investments. Combining different transport modes has never been so easy!


Privacy is key and we know it. This is why we have the strongest data protection and encryption systems in order to ensure the highest security.

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