Deutsche Bahn

DB is the German national railway company. The Deutsche Bahn group operates both long-distance and regional train services in passenger and freight transportation, stations, the rail network infrastructure, and develops a number of related services, such as IT and ticketing solutions.


  • Public transport users are confronted with complex tariff systems and ticket choices, conventional ticketing channels are inconvenient.
  • Previous mobile ticketing solutions are a pure translation of the conventional pre-paid tickets or require a manual check-in and check-out for pay-as-you-go solutions.
  • Assisted or automatic check-out/be-out has not been possible in the past, users often forgot to check out


  • Since August 2017 pilot projects have been carried out in several regions with DB on a seamless Check-in-Be-out ticketing solution.
  • The solution is purely smartphone-based and does not require any additional infrastructure, and is compatible with the account-based ticketing approach.

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