Swiss Federal Railways is the national railway company of Switzerland. Every day more than one million people use SBB to get from A to B. However, SBB is not only a railway operator but is actively shaping the future of mobility. In the Greenclass project SBB introduced a new Mobility as a Service product. Customers were able to use a mobility package during one year containing a BMW electric car, a 1st class yearly public transport subscription covering the entire Switzerland and a mobility package for using sharing solutions (car-/bike-sharing).


  • The objective was to analyze and measure the travel behavior of Greenclass users.
  • Among other things, the following questions should have been answered: How do customers use the offer? Do people adjust their travel behaviour while using the mobility service? How can the offer be tailored to better meet actual user needs?


  • MOTIONTAG delivered the white label app SBB DailyTracks.
  • With the DailyTracks App data on travel behavior and mode use was recorded and analysed.
  • SBB used the insights to prove the feasibility of their Mobility as a Service product.

We want to know the exact mobility behaviour of each pioneering customer. Classical survey methods such as diaries or telephone interviews would not yield success as they are too inconvenient for pilot customers. With «SBB DailyTracks» participants can easily track and check their movements via their smartphone.

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