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Gain valuable insights into user demand and infrastructure usage to help optimize your network and enhance passenger flows

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Accurate data

Precise, near-real time, machine readable data that allows long-term observations due to constant background activity

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Engaging users

Interest and constant engagement of users through interactivity due to convenience of the process

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Time & Money saving

Data collection and analysis straight from the smartphone, making conventional market research redundant

Use data to optimize your infrastructure

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The collected data enables you to compare how your transport network is being used relative to the transport system as a whole. This way the effectiveness of your current infrastructure and the passenger flow management is measured. Make use of these learnings to improve timetables and routes, expand your offering and attract more passengers.

Progress monitoring on your dashboard

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Read out data will be made available to you through an API and a easy to use dashboard. Continuous monitoring makes it possible to show you key figures at one glance and helps you to interpret mobility patterns more precisely. Finally it becomes comprehensible how passengers use your service and what routes have been travelled by which modes.

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