Bring intelligence to mobility


Smart data

We process smartphone sensor and location data, complemented with 3rd party data

Machine learning

We use smart filtering and machine learning techniques

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Mode detection

We detect transport modes, routes and trip purposes

How it works

We develop a unique technology based on machine learning on smartphone sensor data. This way we provide essential mobility data to transport providers and offer a seamless travel experience to passengers. Through our algorithms we reliably identify where, when, how and why users travel and detect passively, fully automatically and in near real-time 10 different transport types. We can even provide you with context to the activities of your users such as home and work zone detection.

Our products

Mobility Analytics

By providing transport operators with insights about their system's usage, they are given the opportunity for real time traffic control, improvement of their infrastructure and increased customer loyalty.

Seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing

Simple check-in, automatic check-out offers your customers a stress-free and convenient travel experience that meets their needs. Passengers travel from A to B in the most seamless manner.

Choose your solution

You can decide whether to create your personalized app as a White Label or integrate our technology as a SDK in your existing app.

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Our white label solution is already branded with your corporate identity and thus enables you to start immediately.

SDK illustration

With our easy to integrate SDK you simply plug our technology into your existing app.

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