From Reward To Data: How Incentive Green Apps are Driving Smarter Urban Mobility 

Imagine if your city’s infrastructure could be optimised to reduce carbon emissions while collecting high-quality mobility data. MOTIONTAG’s technology helps realise this vision with green incentive mobility apps such as Aachen.move.


‬What are incentive and green mobility rewards apps?

Incentive and green mobility rewards apps (e.g. Aachen.move, Klima-taler, WeFlo, etc.) function as comprehensive platforms designed to engage users, collect valuable data about everyday mobility in your city and incentivise environmentally friendly behaviour within communities, cities, or regions.

Does this sound familiar? Do you want to implement eco-friendly initiatives but need a push to encourage participation. That’s where the incentive system comes into play! Reward apps introduce a gamified approach to sustainable mobility by rewarding users with Climate Coins for choosing eco-friendly modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, or utilizing public transit. The Climate Coins can then be redeemed for rewards, such as tickets for cultural activities. This creates a motivation loop, encouraging users to adopt long-lasting, sustainable habits while providing valuable anonymised data for urban planning purposes. It’s a win-win situation for both the city and its inhabitants!

MOTIONTAG supports such apps with a‬‭ mobility‬‭ data‬‭ collection‬‭ technology‬‭ that‬‭ leverages‬‭ different‬‭ smartphone‬‭ sensors.‬‭ Our‬‭ technology‬‭ automatically‬‭ recognises‬‭ 12 modes‬‭ of‬‭ transportation‬‭ with‬‭ an impressive 96%accuracy.

This highly precise data offers detailed insights into how residents navigate their cities, which helps optimise transportation systems and urban planning strategies. Incentive and green mobility apps provide urban planners and researchers with cost-effective and comprehensive insights into real mobility patterns and behaviours.

MT technology

Real-world impact: Aachen's success story

The success of our approach is evident in the tangible results it has produced. In 2022, the city of Aachen in Germany collaborated with the sustainability app provider and MOTIONTAG to launch the Aachen.move app. The app was an instant hit, and its popularity grew through positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. This indicates the widespread interest and demand for such apps among the general public.

aachen move app screenshots

Most importantly, it delivered measurable sustainability outcomes. Aachen.move users reduced their median carbon emissions by 8%, showing the tangible potential of reward apps. As our Managing Director Fabien Sauthier explains, “By empowering individuals to participate in carbon reduction efforts actively, these apps demonstrate the potential for technology to catalyse positive environmental change within local communities.

disctibution of emission change by user

Data usage for transport planning

One of the most profound revelations is Aachen’s ability to categorise user mobility into four cohorts: car commuters, trip chainers, local residents, and frequent fliers. Each cohort exhibits unique mobility patterns and carbon footprints. Equipped with this knowledge, Aachen’s urban planners are empowered to prioritise user-centric mobility projects, provide targeted assistance to segments in need, and identify areas within the city’s fabric necessitating intervention to optimise spatial utilisation. 

Aachen.move app serves as a rich data source, providing valuable insights into user behaviours and preferences.

The road ahead: smarter, greener cities for all

micheile henderson GrdAN0NEIKY unsplash

As governments worldwide set ambitious targets to slash transport emissions, the urgency for smart, scalable solutions has never been greater. MOTIONTAG’s technology offers a proven model for sustainable urban transformation.

By leveraging the power of smartphone data, incentive design, and collaborative partnerships, we can help cities large and small optimise their transportation systems for reduced emissions, increased efficiency, and enhanced livability. The result? Healthier communities and a more sustainable future for all. The success of Aachen.move offers a powerful roadmap for urban areas worldwide.

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