Interview with Nadim Sarrouh, CTO of MOTIONTAG

Nadim Sarrouh joined MOTIONTAG in 2020 as Chief Technology Officer. As an agile management professional and IT specialist we were very interested in his point of view on MOTIONTAG’s solution and future developments:


What brought you to work at MOTIONTAG?

What primarily attracted me to the company was its purpose, which is to make an impact on climate change by utilizing cutting-edge technology and user-centric product development. Another important factor that contributed to my decision was the employees. The company’s team members are truly committed to fulfilling the company’s purpose.


What is the CTO responsible for at MOTIONTAG? 

As the CTO at MOTIONTAG I am responsible for setting up processes, tools, and structures that allow the company to operate smoothly, unimpededly, and to its fullest potential. I analyze company operations processes, identify and remove bottlenecks. Furthermore, I ensure measurement of operational productivity and performance of the company and manage initiatives and projects which aim at improving the two. 


How do you create a culture of innovation in the company?

I do this by fostering teams that are purpose-driven, operate in an autonomous manner, and take ownership for technical excellence. Furthermore, as a company, we cultivate and provide the space to think out of the box and experiment with new technologies and solutions.


How did the transition through the pandemic and “new normal” happen, and how is it going now?

In fact, the transition went surprisingly smoothly and this is due to the professionalism of our team but most importantly, their commitment and individual connection to our company’s purpose.


How do you see the future of innovation and AI, and how do you prepare MOTIONTAG to face upcoming trends?

MOTIONTAG always stays ahead of the wave, by keeping up networks and connections into the IT community, focusing on learning, and experimenting with new trends and solutions. I think the biggest challenge that innovation in AI and Machine Learning is facing is to stay true to the promises of its application in the markets. The technology is pretty advanced and there are plenty of potential applications, the question remains – in which ways the market will adapt these applications and make use of them to create better and more sustainable products?


In your opinion, what makes MOTIONTAG’s technology stand out from other solutions in the market?

We are the best in the market for mobility modes and travel purpose detection when it comes to accuracy and resource efficiency, as well as in providing data analytics to help understand mobility behavior, both individual and in aggregate. 


What are the challenges when adapting our technology to various client cases and how do you overcome them?

The challenge in the mobility field is that customers that need our support and insights the most (i.e. public transport providers, city planners, governmental research units) are some of the more traditional and more established players on the market. Breaking through their established standards for processes, tools, and technology takes more time and is subject to greater regulation and bureaucracy than usual in the startup market.


What are the company’s plans for 2022 from the technology point of view?


On the tech side we are preparing for scaling up our user base to allow for MOTIONTAG to reach its goals of representability of the data pools. Furthermore, we are going to deploy our Customizable Data Analytics Dashboard. It will allow customers to browse and create insights on collected data on their own.


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