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Looking to power your mobile app with new perspectives on mobility? Want to build a feature that relies on tracked mobility data or measured CO2 footprint?


Our Analytics SDK

It allows embedding the MOTIONTAG detection intelligence into any mobile application. Choosing our RECORD serves ready-to-use mobility measurements directly to your app, and allows you to focus on building a great app

With RECORD you can:


Integrate MOTIONTAG’s plug & play detection intelligence into your app with just a few lines of code

Build great new app features around users’ mobility trajectories and CO2 emissions, 10+ automatically detected modes of transport, visited POIs, and more

Keep full ownership of your app’s UX and UI

Roll out your app to users anywhere in the world


Get GDPR compliant and secure data exports or anonymized, aggregated data insights, with users being in full control

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Privacy is Key

Privacy is key and we know it. This is why we have the strongest data protection and encryption systems in order to ensure the highest security.

RECORD will help you with

Transport Analytics

Sustainable Lifestyle Engagement

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