SkedGo and MOTIONTAG collaborate on improving journeys by understanding mobility behaviors


Potsdam, Germany & Sydney, Australia – October 29, 2020: By combining SkedGo’s advanced journey planning with MOTIONTAG’s analytics capabilities, mobility stakeholders will be able to understand how, when and why people travel, and measure changes in travel behavior. It will also enable end-users to receive personalized recommendations based on the actual routes they’ve taken. In addition, they will be able to set up personal goals such as “cycle more” to improve their commute.


Mobility stakeholders nowadays need to prove people are changing their behaviors, but they often don’t have the tools to do it. Confirming a trip has actually taken place is out of reach for most trip planners, as is showing which specific route or mode was taken. By not having access to people’s actual traveling data, enabling and proving behavior change is rendered impossible.


With the new solution, mobility stakeholders can gain access to both travel intentions and actual travel data. Providing assistance and recommendations to travelers based on their historical trips will be possible, unlocking the potential to prove their end users have changed traveling behaviors. Mobility analytics dashboards and exports are provided to follow the evolution of behaviors, such as modal splits.

MOTIONTAG dashboards

The combined solution is easy to implement in any existing mobile application: simply integrate SkedGo’s journey planner, which has MOTIONTAG’s analytics already integrated. If you are already using SkedGo’s journey planner inside an app, the upgrade is even easier as you only need to integrate MOTIONTAG’s SDK into your app.


Companies like Swiss Rail and the Berlin transport operator BVG love this combined approach as it provides them with an easy way to improve their passenger experience while getting critical insights into how people use and combine their services with other modes of transportation. We think this is a paradigm shift to steering travelers to use mobility solutions that are adapted to each travelers’ situation. This is a perfect complement to our mobility analytics solution”. Fabien Sauthier, managing director of MOTIONTAG.


The addition of MOTIONTAG’s data-driven services to SkedGo’s award-winning multi-modal, preference-based, door-to-door, trip planning capabilities will deliver a powerful mobility solution that provides informed customer insights and initiates User behavioral changes.  SkedGo is thrilled to be working with Fabien and the team at MOTIONTAG.” John Nuutinen, SkedGo CEO.


Register your interest in a demo here or and we will gladly show you how both travelers and mobility stakeholders are finally getting a grip on how to turn traveler insights into behavior changes.


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MOTIONTAG fuels innovation in the mobility sector by providing the most precise information on passenger mobility. It does this through its software (SDK) that identifies how, when, and why people move from A to B. By helping mobility service providers to aggregate their masses of users into useful information, MOTIONTAG enables services for seamless, intermodal mobility experiences. Clients like Swiss rail and Berlin public transport require their solutions to improve their services and operations. With the current COVID-19 pandemic MOTIONTAG helps the German Ministry to understand impacts on mobility behaviors and on Germany’s CO2 reduction goals. 


About SkedGo  

SkedGo was founded in 2009. Its HQ is in Sydney, Australia and the enterprise has teams in Germany, UK, Vietnam and Argentina. SkedGo provides the technological building blocks, which include its award-winning TripGo API, to create optimal MaaS solutions for governments, leading start-ups and corporations.  


In 2016, TripGo spin-off RioGo won the official Rio Olympic City Transport challenge for the Olympic games. In 2017, SkedGo was named Gartner Cool Vendor for Smart Cities Applications and Solutions. Also in 2017, SkedGo won the Smart Cities & Accessibility Challenge run by the NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation with Transport for NSW and Slingshot to include more features for wheelchair users.  


In 2018, TripGo was named ‘Best Smartphone App’ by industry publication Business MaaS. Strategic consultancy Ptolemus nominated SkedGo as ‘Best Mobility Platform Provider’ in 2019.   


In 2020, SkedGo was awarded Smart City Platform of the year at the Future Digital Awards. 


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