Sustainable Engagement

Be an engine for change

User engagement

Implement an engaging sustainability tool into your app that automatically records user's CO2 emissions affiliated to their mobility - whether travelling by car, public transport or bike.

Green brand

Prove that you take climate change seriously and position yourself as a brand whose actions are not mere green-washing measures.

Impactful user insights

Get more accurate consumer insights and focused data for better decision-making and targeted allocation of marketing resources.

Who is already benefiting from our insights

MaaS operators

Prove the effectiveness of your MaaS platform by getting multimodal insights into users' generated revenues and their reduction of carbon footprints. Build a user interface that goes beyond booking tickets and vehicles but sends actionable insights and statistics to the app users about their individual mobility behaviour.


Launch an app-based sustainability initiative that fosters a greater affiliation between your citizens and their neighbourhoods. Reward green mobility and lifestyle choices with vouchers for local cultural events, or initiatives as well as local shops and restaurants.

No limit

Whatever business you have, jump on the bandwagon and fight climate change while keeping your customers and employees fit at the same time. Reach out to us for a custom sustainability solution that integrates well with your current business practices.

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