User Engagement

When engagement gets emotional and personal

Implement an engaging sustainability tool into your app that automatically records user’s CO2 emissions affiliated with their day to day movements – whether they’re travelling by car, public transport or bike.

  • Sensibilise app users about their CO2 impact of their individual mobility behaviour
  • Promote more sustainable forms of travel and build healthier communities. Offer green loyalty or reward programmes to incentivise healthy habits.
  • Implement playful features like a travel diary, individual daily challenges and a community arena, boosting the overall engagement with your app

Who is already connecting with their users on an emotional level

Swisscom logo
”With the help of MOTIONTAG, we are helping Swiss people and our B2B customers better understand their carbon footprint and curb their CO2 emissions.”
“Changers users now have a fully automatic tracking solution for all relevant modes of transport. This is a game-changer for us and helps to grow further in our fight against climate change.”