Pay-as-you-go smartphone-based ticketing

Bring seamless mobility to your users with the help of MotionTag's ticketing solution. Our prototype app "TicketEasy" lets your customers simply check-in while getting automatically checked-out at the end of their journey. Combining different transport means has never been so easy!

Smartphone-based tickets that will change how people move

Imagine a world where people can simply travel without thinking about carrying any loose change or without having to think about tariff zones.

MotionTag enables transport providers to offer a seamless traveling experience to their customers. Not only will you offer a better experience to them, but this without the need to install any infrastructure.

Our solution has been developed in the Deutsche Bahn mindbox accelerator in Berlin and is currently being piloted across several countries in Europe. This product will revolutionize the way people get from A to B.

If you are interested in our ticketing solution, leave us a message at [email protected] and we will get back to you.