Transport Analytics

Stop guessing, start measuring!


Continuous transportation surveys

Our technology solves traditional mobility survey challenges like survey fatigue while saving your time and resources on data recording and transcription.


Origin-destination analysis

Wondering where most people travel from or to for any given area? Benefit from fully automated and customizable origin-destination matrices.


Impact assessment

Did you launch a new mobility offering or did anything unusual happen in your area of interest, e.g. road accidents, temporary construction works, extreme weather conditions, etc.? See how exactly it changes commuters’ mobility behaviour in real-time.


Fare allocation in public transport

Easily determine fare allocation keys by understanding which public transport provider was chosen on a given trip leg thanks to our public transport line detection.



Understand the context of trips and get the most out of our mobility tracking technology with automatic purpose and point-of-interest (POI) recognition.

Who is already benefiting from our insights

Public transportation

Plan and operate for what is really needed. Reach operational excellence by matching your service with actual demand. Understand how your service is combined with others and get deep insights into others' mobility operations.


Manageable insights and tools help you foster relationships with city authorities. Prove the effectiveness of MaaS and optimise its operations. Incentivise users to adapt a more sustainable mobility behaviour.

Market research

Launch your app and generate long-term studies at a fraction of traditional methods. Get user-centric mobility data that enhances the depth of your usual insights by pairing qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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