Traveler Relationship Management

Finally a mobility centric CRM tool

Traveler relationship management

How much real-time data do you have on how and when your passengers use your network? Do you have spectacularly granular detail, like precisely which train they took from A to B, how long they walked to reach a tram stop or how many times they changed buses? And if they jumped into an Uber or grabbed a scooter afterwards, would you know about it?

We tell you who your customers are, how and when they travel. Understand mobility choices, segment customers with their mobility behaviour and offer matching services.

Who is already benefiting from our CRM

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”Integrating MOTIONTAG’s technology into the SBB MyWay app gave us the possibility to collect better data in a more economic and customer-friendly way.”
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”With the help of MOTIONTAG, we are helping Swiss people and our B2B customers better understand their carbon footprint and curb their CO2 emissions.”

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