Traveler System Insights

Intermodal insights into people's travel behaviours

We provide you with 80+ mobility insights to monitor your service area, system usage and operations – ideal for smart city projects and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).

  • Automatic detection of 10+ modes of transport and affiliated lines
  • Identify pain points & hotspots of your system and discover optimisation potential
  • Adapt your services by understanding actual demand
  • Save costs on manually conducted, non-representative and lengthy passenger surveys

Without having to add any hardware and by matching our data to public transport lines, MOTIONTAG provides data exports that are directly actionable such as:

  • Line loads: number of people who boarded and exited the bus, train, tram at all stations, across all operators
  • Station loads: from this station, at what station did people finish their trips
  • Origin-destination matrices
  • Transfer matrices: split of people going from one line to another, time spent between those changes

Who is already benefiting from our insights

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”Integrating MOTIONTAG’s technology into the SBB MyWay app gave us the possibility to collect better data in a more economic and customer-friendly way.”
”MOTIONTAG’s technology convinces with an elaborate data privacy and security approach, high precision and fast data availability.”